Monday, December 15, 2014


You dread that it is very difficult, nay, impossible, to realise God. It is very simple; its very simplicity makes you feel that there must be some hidden trap. You do not appreciate simple things and habits. For example, there is nothing so simple as speaking the truth; yet how many stick to Truth! If you venture into untruth, you have to invent new stories all along the line and keep in memory all the stories and all the persons to whom you have related them. Each student has a watch on his wrist. And, you look at the watch at least a hundred times a day. Well, learn from the watch a great lesson. When you watch the watch, remember the five letters of the word, WATCH; each is giving you a fine lesson for life: W tells you 'Watch your Words'; A warns you 'Watch your Action'; T indicates 'Watch your Thoughts'; C advises 'Watch your Character'; and H declares 'Watch your Heart.' When you are consulting your watch, imbibe this lesson that the watch is imparting.

Saturday, December 06, 2014


To discriminate between good and bad, one must resort to scriptures. The Vedas emerged from the Divine Himself and were 'heard' by sages attuned to the voice of the Divine, who in turn, taught them to their disciples. This process of imparting the Vedas and the wisdom enshrined in them has continued through many generations of Gurus and disciples until now. The Upanishads, the Brahma Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita contain the very essence of the Vedas. Hence these are designated as 'three fundamental texts (Prasthana traya)' of the science of spirituality. Acquisition of higher knowledge alone can fulfil the main purpose of human life; it makes one aware that one is not the inert non-sentient body but an embodiment of being-awareness-bliss. When this truth dawns and is experienced, you are freed from the fog of ignorance and are liberated, in this very life.

Thursday, December 04, 2014


Mere reading of spiritual texts is not enough. You may master all the commentaries and you may be able to argue and discuss with great scholars about these texts; but without attempting to practise what they teach, it is a waste of time. I never approve of book-learning; practice is what I evaluate. When you come out of the examination hall you know whether you will pass or not, is it not? For you can yourself judge whether you have answered well or not. So too in sadhana (spiritual effort) or in conduct or in practice, each of you can judge and ascertain the success or failure that is in store. The moon is reflected in a pot, provided it has water; so too the Lord can be clearly seen in your heart, provided you have the water of Love (Prema). When you don't see the Lord reflected in your heart, do not say that there is no Lord; it only means that there is no Love within you

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


You must become heroes in action. It does not behoove of you to spend your time in idle talk, without involving yourself in some solid work for the benefit of the nation. Bend your body and work hard to attain glory. A seed that is sown in the soil, loses its shape to ultimately become a gigantic tree. That tree yields sweet fruits. Similarly it is only when you destroy your ego and lose your identity, real fruit of your actions come out. Therefore, remove your attachment to your body (dehabhimana) and develop attachment to the country (deshabhimana). Love is a quality permeating every living being. Truth is verily the embodiment of Divinity. It is in you, with you, around you, everywhere, protecting you always, at all times. You need not search for God in some distant place. Truth is the very embodiment of God. Do not ever move away from Truth.