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A heartfelt gratitude to ' Avaalankars', for spreading Hanuman's Mahima for the devotees all over the world !

This is my suggestion & a humble request..

The triangular saffron flag of Sri Ashtamsa Varadha Hanuman temple inspires me to rise & I belive it’s a victory symbol of Hanuman himself..

Why cant we have a photo of Hanuamn Temple’s Saffron flag in the blog & this story below..

This story is about how Hanuman is attached to Pandavas & his role in Kurukshetra. In addition to the guidance and personal attention from Krishna, Arjuna had the support of Hanuman during the great battle of Kurukshetra. Arjuna entered the battlefield with the flag of Hanuman on his chariot. This came about when Hanuman appeared as a small talking monkey before Arjuna at Rameshwaram, where Sri Rama had built the great bridge to cross over to Lanka to rescue Sita. Upon Arjuna's wondering out aloud at Sri Rama's taking the help of "monkeys" rather than building a bridge of arrows, Hanuman (in the form of the little monkey) challenged him to build one capable of bearing him alone. Unaware of the monkey's true identity, Arjuna accepted the challenge. Hanuman then destroyed all Arjuna's bridges, who then decided to take his own life. Vishnu appeared before them both, chiding Arjuna for his vanity, and Hanuman for making the accomplished warrior Arjuna feel incompetent. As an act of 'penitence', Hanuman agreed to help Arjuna by stabilizing and strengthening his chariot during the upcoming great battle.The emblems on the flags of other Pandava chariots' were not decribed or depicted in Mahabharata. They all had some colorful flags only. But Arjuna's chariot had the flag depicting Hanuman.

The emblem of Hanuman on the flag of Arjuna is another sign of victory because Hanuman cooperated with Lord Rama in the battle between Rama and Ravana, and Lord Rama emerged victorious. Now both Rama and Hanuman were present on the chariot of Arjuna to help him.

Arjuna’s task prior to the start of the Kurukshetra War seemed to be that of a warrior trying to achieve victory for his side. In actuality, since he was following the direct orders of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, his task was actually that of performing devotional service to God. Because of this, Arjuna’s chariot was decorated with a flag bearing the emblem of Lord Hanuman.- Hanuman positioned himself in the flag of Arjuna's chariot to secure and stabilize the war-craft.
The triangular saffron flag of Hanuman stands for stability and equilibrium, sense-control and mind-control, and a sure sign of victory over all that is base and evil.

( I have read this story in book, this source has been collected from Internet)

Jai SitaRam !
Jai Hanuman !

With Gratitude & Best Regards
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