Sunday, October 30, 2011



Anonymous said...

Hope this is Vennai kappu alankaram, if so I request you to plz change the title..


Anonymous said...

Hello Reader

May I know when is Hanuman Jayanthi ?
Plz let me know

Kavitha said...


He embodies strength. He can do anything. Nothing is impossible for him. He is yet very modest and humble, satisfied to be the servant of Lord Rama. I dedicate this story to the Sri Ashtamsa Varadha Hanuman Devotees who are devoted to him not only because of his strength & intelligence but of his sacrifice & humbleness.

After the victory of Rama over Ravana, Hanuman went to the Himalayas to continue his worship of the Lord. There he scripted a version of the Ramayana on the Himalayan mountains using his nails, recording every detail of Rama's deeds. When Maharishi Valmiki visited him to show him his own version of the Ramayana, he also saw Lord Hanuman's version and became very disappointed. When Hanuman asked him the cause of his sorrow, he said that his version, which he had created very laboriously was no match for the splendor of Hanuman's, and would therefore, go ignored. At this, Hanuman took those rocks on one shoulder and Valmiki on the other, and went to the sea. There he threw his own version into the sea, as an offering to Rama. This version, called the 'Hanumad Ramayana'. Can anyone be modest like Hanuman & have care for others without thinking of self?

Maharishi Valmiki was so taken aback that he said he would take another birth to sing the glory of Hanuman which he had understated in his version. (It is said that Saint Tulsidas who composed the Ramcharitmanas (and also Hanuman Chalisa) was none other than the Maharishi Valmiki reborn to fulfill his desire).


~ Kavitha