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We had once asked our patron Shri.Ravinderji who has been posting comments on all our blogs with great enthusiasm the true meaning of "Ashta Siddhi" and "Nava Nidhi" the two terms appearing in the famous "Hanuman Chalisa" for which Ravinderji had furnished the meaning in several forms which we have published in this blog in the last week.

To us it appeared relevant to publish the meaning of "Ashta Siddhi" and "Nava Nidhi" as given by Ravinderji and we are pleased to publish the same. We hope our viewers read the same and enjoy the Hanuman Chalisa and its meaning even better.

Our sincere thanks to Ravinderji for his help and cooperation.

Jai Shri Ram

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Meaning of Ashta Siddhi and Nava Nidhi

There is the concept of the Ashta Siddhi (eight siddhis) in [[Hinduism]]. These are:

*'''Anima''': reducing one's body even to the size of an atom

*'''Mahima''': expanding one's body to an infinitely large size

*'''Garima''': becoming infinitely heavy

*'''Laghima''': becoming almost weightless

*'''Prapti''': having unrestricted access to all places

*'''Prakamya''': realizing whatever one desires

*'''Isitva''': possessing absolute lordship;

*'''Vasitva''': the power to subjugate all.

In [[Hinduism]], [[Hanuman]] possesses the ability to bestow the eight siddhis and the [[nava nidhi]] (nine types of wealth).

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Bloggerravinder said...

Nava Nidhi

Parkaya Pravesh: Parkaya Pravesh means one’s soul entering into the body of some other person. Through this knowledge even a dead body can be brought to life.

Haadi Vidya: This Vidya or knowledge has been mentioned in several ancient texts. On acquiring this Vidya, a person feels neither hunger nor thirst, and can remain without eating food or drinking water for several days at a stretch.

Kaadi Vidya: Just as one does not feel hungry or thirsty in Haadi Vidya, similarly in Kaadi Vidya a person is not affected by change of seasons, i.e. by summer, winter, rain, etc. After accomplishing this Vidya, a person shall not feel cold even if he sits in the snow-laden mountains, and shall not feel hot even if he sits in the fire.

Vayu Gaman Siddhi: Through this Siddhi a person can become capable of flying in the skies and traveling from one place to another in just a few seconds.

Madalasa Vidya: On accomplishing this Vidya, a person becomes capable of increasing or decreasing the size of his body according to his wish. Lord Hanuman had miniaturized his body through this Vidya while entering the city of Lanka.

Kanakdhara Siddhi: One can acquire immense and unlimited wealth through this Siddhi.
Prakya Sadhana: Through this Sadhana a Yogi can direct his disciple to take birth from the womb of a woman who is childless or cannot bear children.

Surya Vigyan: This solar science is one of the most significant sciences of ancient India. This science has been known only to the Indian Yogis; using it, one substance can be transformed into another through the medium of sun rays.

Mrit Sanjeevani Vidya: This Vidya was created by Guru Shukracharya. Through it, even a dead person can be brought back to life.


Krishna said...

Hanuman is the monkey deity renowned for his courage, power and faithful, selfless service.

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mukesh said...

Brother, your discoveries have been a great help in understanding the evolutionary forces acting to shape the spiritual future of man. Indeed, Hanumanji is the symbol of the completely transformed mankind who shall always be in the service of the Infinite Intelligence-the Mother of all Gods.

Saurabh Mishra said...

can we achieve these powers by activating our kundalini through meditation ?

Anonymous said...

It will be better, if some can TRANSLITERATE, or put in DEVA NĀGARĪ script so that the words can be properly pronounced and understood.

Anonymous said...

thaks a lot for this.

Anonymous said...

sory sir,
Pardon me if i m wrong. Yo mentioned that shukracharya created mritsanjeevani vidhya.
But it is given by shiv ji to him.

Juleann Bukovchik Boyce said...

Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the siddhis. There is so much more to share and know. Different people have been given different pieces to the puzzle of ancient knowledge; this is why we need each other to come together and share what we know. Someone asked if we can attain the siddhis through meditation. The answer is yes. There are specific mantras that are like keys to unlock the energy. Anyone can learn them. Few masters actually have permission to teach the real knowledge that was kept secret for thousands of years from the public. The masters of the east wrote the meditations and formulas for how to become enlightened and gain spiritual abilities and have passed this knowledge through a lineage. I was honored and privileged to have been called to live in India for years and learn these formulas directly from the top avatar of our time Sri Kaleshwar. He took mahasamadhi this year but like Shiva is a bhola shakara who granted boons and shared this amazing empowering ancient knowledge with me. He blessed me to teach and share all the knowledge he gave me to aid in awakening others to gain abilities that will help themselves and humanity. It makes my heart sing when I share and teach. For more information see www.ToLoveAllServeAll.com or contact me at ToLoveAllServeAll@gmail.com